груд. 2
Experiencing something so splendid that it's beyond mind blowing. Something so amazingly out of this world, it can only be expressed by comparing the subject to having your dick blown....off (in the best way)
Have you tried Karen's tiramisu? It is so good, it'll blow your dick off!
додав @thatblondechick 1 Грудень 2014
груд. 1
the act of employees using their organization's Internet access for personal purposes during work hours. The norm for the 21st century employee.
Surfing the web for entertainment, sending/receiving personal emails, online chatting, online stock trading, shopping online, etc. during work hours is considered cyberloafing.
додав Meggerson 22 Вересень 2006
лист. 30
Written as "K." Used in conversation as another way to say {Cool story bro} or express how you don't give a flying fuck about what was just said.
"Did you hear about Kanye West's latest album, She's not a hobbit?"
"K dot"
додав P3h15t0r1c 22 Листопад 2014
лист. 29
Historians are not sure where the saying originated, but it means that revenge is best served not fresh after the insult occurred, but after enough time has passed so that the target won't see it coming.
Victim: "Why did you destroy my marriage? I thought we were BFFs."
Vindicator: "Because you stole my boyfriend back in the 6th grade."
Victim: "But that was 20 years ago!"
Vindicator: "Revenge is a dish best served cold, bitch."
додав That handle is already in use 24 Листопад 2014
лист. 28
Blow an excessive amount of money
Let's fuck up some comma's
додав FREEBANDZ 21 Листопад 2014
лист. 27
The prolific consumption of tasty food and drink. Episodes of feastiality may be followed by bouts of the plops.
Dean: "Man, I'm hungry! What're you saying? Are you ready to eat?"

Jason: "I'm down for something really tasty. Let's hook up some feastiality!"
додав terminal 2 10 Липень 2008
лист. 26
man bun
wow man, nice mun
додав wizwohz 23 Грудень 2013

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