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3 definitions by AceofSpades705

the insides of a blunt, all the tobacco is then replaced with weed
Marshall: Yo roll the blunt!
Ace: Lemme take out the gizzards first, nigga
додав AceofSpades705 23 Грудень 2008
to get ripped off or out-smarted by somebody, resulting in a loss of money
Ace: I thought u said u were gonna fire me up..

Pablo: I gave the mans the money and he disappeared into an apartment building and never came back out

Ace: Damn, yo bitchass got worked!
додав AceofSpades705 25 Січень 2010
when smoking a blunt or a joint, the end starts to run (burns faster on one side than another), run=marathon
Ace: Damn matt, this blunts got a marathon going
Matt Coda: Man! Lemme catch the run!
додав AceofSpades705 26 Грудень 2008