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94 definitions by Amber

i dont know...i am trying to findit out
im not homophobic...i do eat a hotdog from the middle
додав amber 15 Квітень 2004
When the testicals of a man slap the chin of a person giving him head.
*smack smack smack*


*smack smack smack*

"Yeah, baby you're doing great."

*smack smack smack*
додав Amber 22 Квітень 2005
to lick a girls pussy
i want you to eat me out so fucking bad!
додав amber 26 Лютий 2004
a bitch face is one whoe pisses people off by means of stupidity and or dumbassedness see {fuck face}
you stupid bitch face get the fuck over here
додав amber 6 Березень 2004
she is a wheatcracker that has no life. she thinks she is cool adn everything. her real name is Emily Jane.Also. she is my best friend and i <3 her to death. no majer how much she hits me. this is why i love her.
"gosh ej. your such a loser. you puta. stop hitting me asshole.ilove you though"
додав amber 31 Січень 2005
lil fizz
mmmhmm lil fizz is cute
додав amber 22 Листопад 2003
fuckin asshole
I can't he cheated on me again!! That friggin a!!!
додав Amber 21 Жовтень 2003