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19 definitions by Art

mamaries of a women
(breast, Boobs, hooters)
That lady has nice tetas
додав ART 7 Липень 2003
274 102
Extreme bush diving

Jumping into hedges
Dude... Johnny made a hedgecore faceplant into that hedge and now he's in the hospital!
додав Art 17 Травень 2003
157 28
The greatest drummer who ever lived whom other drummers try to emulate but could never duplicate.

Portnoy is considered a God among drummers world wide. And who could blame us. Hes FRECKIN AMAZING
Mike Portnoy is a god
додав Art 13 Червень 2004
142 76
Large pickup trucks ,usually driven by rednecks, typically jacked up with knobby off-road tires despite being too large and heavy to go off-roading with. They may also have an extended cab with a diamond-plate toolbox in the bed, which is perfectly unscratched from not having been used ever. Possibly a pair of cast-aluminum balls hang from the trailer hitch, which may be replaced with a Ford/Chevy/Dodge logo. Common wisdom holds that these trucks are used to make up for what their owners lack in stature, or other parts of the anatomy.
That guy needed a stepstool to climb into his compensator truck.
додав Art 3 Серпень 2005
31 11
Another word for pulling out
Alright bitch I'm ready for the DISMOUNT!!
додав ART 16 Липень 2003
26 10
Term referring to a short penis length, especially in south asian ethnic groups. The size of the penis is said to resemble that of a grain of rice. Ownership of a rice rocket may be used to compensate for this lack.
Insecurity about the length of his rice penis led him to put decals and a coffee-can muffler on his Accord.
додав Art 2 Серпень 2005
35 26
A mans Penis
(DICK, Penis)
My turca hurts
додав ART 7 Липень 2003
17 8