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5 definitions by BLuTink78

N:Plural:Twitter speak for bitches (my gurlz).
Goodnight my twitches!
Them my twitches!
додав BLuTink78 29 Червень 2009
12 11
N:A whorish person,a person who constantly talks about his/her self in a 3rd person and feels it is ok to shit on people NOT in their circle.
She is on the other side of the club acting like a real trashmuffin.
додав BLuTink78 29 Червень 2009
1 0
V:Twitter Speak."Gotta Chica/Chick Rollin"
LOLZ that shit has GCR.
додав BLuTink78 28 Червень 2009
3 2
Slanged speech made up by users of Twitter,mainly adaptions of words using "Tweet or Twit",shortened to cut down on character usage.
I use twitter speak to stay within my 140 characters.
додав BLuTink78 29 Червень 2009
0 6
N:Twitter speak for people.
Them my mofo tweeples!
додав BLuTink78 29 Червень 2009
16 23