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9 definitions by Ben Collier

Something with loads of goodness, or if something that is acheived via a lot of skillage
That's pure ponage dude, yea i know
додав Ben Collier 2 Січень 2005
Meaning Lots of cash, no matter what currency.
That pimpster coat is bare dollarage
додав Ben Collier 2 Січень 2005
When someone fails to use deodourant, they get Body Odour, so u say they use BO-derant.
'WTF Matt E, u been using BOderant'
MAtt get a better beoderant
додав Ben Collier 3 Січень 2005
Means it's just like fair enough, you're right, or have it your way etc.
Bill: 10+1= 100
Ben: Or its 11
Bill: so it is, fairdos
Ben: No worries
додав Ben Collier 3 Січень 2005
When someone takes bein an pleb to a proffesional level, relating to Pleb Master.
'Yo, Matt E, Ur a plebster'
Look at that plebster he just ain't rite!
додав Ben Collier 3 Січень 2005
Can be used when leaving, as is the longer version of the word go.

Definition by Alex:
If you find something funny.
'L8rs guys i gotta fohogo'
'ooo, look at that its fohogo!'
додав Ben Collier 19 Лютий 2005
Headphones, coming from the phrase ghetto blasters
додав Ben Collier 26 Січень 2005