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Solid Snake is a fiction hero from the Metal Gear series. During these games Solid Snake takes on task that no one else could have mastered. He is a an expert in infiltration and the greatest solider that has ever lived.
Solid Snake talks with a dark and calm voice given into the game by David Hayter.

His spirit and his fantastic look at the world makes him the perfect soldier. In short; his mind and body work in the perfect way which makes him THE hero of all time.

He is cloned from the greatest warrior that has ever lived, Big Boss. If you havent played the games i rekomand that you do...
Snake: There are no winning or loosing for a mercenairy, the only winners in war are the people
Woman: Thats right, and you fight for the people
Snake: I have never fought for anyone but myself...

...Snake: "Find something to fight for, then pass it on to the future"
Raiden: But what am I going to fight for?
Snake: "Thats your problem"
Raiden: But what do you fight for?
Snake "...A future"
Raiden: You think you can change the future!
Snake: "I am not as arrogant as that. Fin something to belive in, fight for it, then pass it into the future."
додав Bendik Bjørnstad 21 Грудня 2004
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