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7 definitions by Bl@kes

Quite simply, Kett = Shit.
Big Brother is complete, total fucking kett.
додав Bl@kes 16 Березень 2007
31 19
The cack hatch is one of many alternative and interesting names for the common anus.
"Oh yeah, she loves it up the cack hatch"
додав Bl@kes 16 Березень 2007
17 6
To describe something as shit.
"What a load of genk"
"I'm just going for a genk"
додав Bl@kes 16 Березень 2007
30 19
An updated version of mint which means something is very good indeed.
"I love urban dictionary, its fucking mintex"
додав Bl@kes 16 Березень 2007
12 3
AKA Anus. The entrance to the anal passage.
"Shit! I've just poked myself in the eye!"
"Its ok, you got three more"
"Your other eye, japseye and your backeye"
додав Bl@kes 16 Березень 2007
12 4
Another descriptive term for the vagina.
Right about now I would like nothing more than to snurgle her rumpter box.
додав Bl@kes 16 Березень 2007
7 0
Spoken lyrically and with an emphasis on the 2nd 'now' i.e Dow-now-noooooowwwwwwww, this is used when someone is being a stupid fucking nob head. The person it is directed at is unaware that you are using an alternative method of implicating that they are, in fact, a complete fucking tool of the highest order.
1. Two collegues, who are familiar with terminology, are in a meeting with co-workers. One of the co-workers is speaking and is talking shit. Enter...

2. John "I'm the best at snurgling rumpter boxes"
Richard "Dow now now"
додав Bl@kes 20 Березень 2007
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