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4 definitions by BrianIsLivid

To get extremely drunk, extremely quickly.
Jeez.. What happened last night? Oh.. I got daned.
додав BrianIsLivid 4 Липень 2010
15 3
To be tricked into getting drunk by a beautiful bartender.
Man, I was just meeting a friend for a drink or two, then wham! I was Cammyed by the hottie behind the bar.
додав BrianIsLivid 21 Січень 2011
8 1
Gross and Old
Look at Groldy Locks over there. She's not just gross, she's fucking old.
додав BrianIsLivid 8 Червень 2011
1 0
A more disappointed way of saying damn.

Pronounced "Dah-yum"
"Can I get a Corona" - Man
"We don't have Corona" - Bartender
"Dayum" - Man
додав BrianIsLivid 31 Грудень 2010
5 9