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Slang term used to describe the clotted discharge of an unhealthy, likely basteria-ridden, vagina.
I started to go down on this chick, but she was spewing vagimite. I threw her out.
додав CPatch 23 Січня 2005
HBO drama set during the Great Depression which follows a travelling carnival throughout the southwestern US. Also focuses on a demonic preacher in California. with whom one carnie will eventually meet in the final battle of good v. evil. Five-stars for intelligent storyline, cinematography and creepitude.
I watch Carnivale every week because I'm ever so special.
додав CPatch 31 Січня 2005
When preparing to perform cunnilingus on a woman of questionable hygiene, the act of slowly kissing from the breasts downward. If, by the arrival at the belly button, no odor is detected, one can surmise that it is safe to proceed. The detection of odor during the belly button test, on the other hand, is a dire indicator of the presense of vagimite. Reverse course immediately and escort female to the nearest clinic.

See also: vaginosis, stank, yeasty.
Guy #1: Dude, I was hookin up with this redhead hottie from the bar, but I started to go down on her and she failed the BB-Test!
Guy #2: My sister is such a whore.
додав CPatch 31 Січня 2005
The mental climax achieved by falling asleep after a lengthy period of wakefullness, usually more than 24 hours. Typically found in Las Vegas hotel rooms and frat house basements.
I had such a snoregasm after I played craps until 9:00 AM last night.
додав CPatch 26 Січня 2005
Slang term for the vagina. Due to the insinuation of a relationship between female genitalia and fish, used only in a degrading fashion.
Dude #1: Hey bro, where were you last night?
Dude #2: Ah man, I hooked up with some chick and was about to bone her, but turns out she was rockin a lip-cod.
додав CPatch 01 Лютого 2005
See fish food.

1. Slang term for male ejaculate.

2. Term describing post-flush fecal remnants.
1. The lip-cod was hungry last night, so I fed it some fish food.

2. Oh my! I spy fish food in my potty!
додав CPatch 01 Лютого 2005
1. Slang term for male ejaculate.

2. Term used to describe the flaky, fecal remnants often observed after the first flush. Typically experienced with fresh, loose stools or with firmer feces that have been given time to marinate pre-flush and, therefore, partially disintegrate.
1. I noticed some fish food swirling about the potty this morning.

2. I noticed some fish food swirling about the potty this morning.
додав CPatch 01 Лютого 2005
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