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A tactic used by a sniper

Flipswitching is the tactic for the best of the best video game snipers.

It is basically using the sniper rifle for what it's not used for. Instead of camping, the player instead uses the rambo tactic to attack the enemy with the high powered rifle. This tactic is effectively used even when no crosshair exists, since at a range of 3 meters or less, the chances of you missing are 0 unless you are a noob.

Flipswitching gives the most enjoyment when you shoot an opposing sniper in the back at a range of 1 foot. Then you can claim you owned him/her and dance on his/her body.
As Pendragon approached the hill, he saw a noob trying to snipe. He approached him stealthily and pointed a sniper rifle into his back. Then he pulled the flipswitch, and watched in glee as his opponent's back broke and killed him. owned
додав Compassghost 10 Січня 2004
Combination of the classic word, throw, with the word own

May be spelled thrpwn to emphasize 1337 with pwn

1. Used when you defeat an enemy using throwable objects, like fragmentation grenades, flash-bangs, rocks, Pokemon balls, bananas, knives, boomerangs, baseballs, or anything else capable of leaving a gigantic bruise or loss of body parts, preferably in a video game.

Past tense
Throwned - See owned or pwned for details
Alternate Past tense
Thrownt - See ownt or pwnt for details
I throwned him when I accidentally knocked him out with a rock.

1 \/\/1|_|_ thrpwn y0u w17h |\/|y ub3|2-1337 N4|)1N6 5|<1|_|_z
додав Compassghost 10 Січня 2004
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