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A man who is covered head to toe with thick and wiry hair. He's so hairy, he's the missing link that connects humans to apes.
Joe: "Damn, it's 115 degrees out here. Why doesn't Tom take off his shirt?"
Dick "That poor bastard is so hairy, he got tired of being called the missing link."
додав Crapholio 12 Липня 2005
A nasty lady who will most likely run for prez in '08 and would like nothing more than absolute power. Her sleazy dealings were a reason that her husband's errrrr business partner's presidency was one of the most corrupt in American history. Because of her huge ass and thunder thighs, her pants-suits are made by Omar the Tentmaker.
If I had a wife like Hitlery, I'd also be getting hummers from young fat interns.
додав crapholio 11 Серпня 2005
That annoying fat-ass slob dyke who used to have her own magazine and TV show, otherwise known as Rosie O'Donnell.
When Rosie O'Fat used to do stand up comedy on VH1 I wrote her a letter that said: "Rosie, eat a bag of shit, you suck."
додав crapholio 11 Серпня 2005
To dump a load so big that it forms a pyramid several inches above the toilet's water line, often has the consistency of cement fresh from the cement truck. Can also be molten lava that explodes from your asshole, spraying the underside of the toilet seat. The horrible smell causes paint to peel off the bathroom walls and all of the house plants to wilt.
That poor bastard who walked into men's room nearly asphyxiated from the horrific smell of my anal holocaust.
додав crapholio 25 Липня 2005
What is formed when get a woody while wearing boxer shorts. Similar to pitching a tent.
My wife walked into the bedroom with that "fuck me" look in her eyes. All of a sudden I had a teepee in my shorts.
додав Crapholio 27 Липня 2005
Sorry ass wimp ass pathetic piece of crap. Man with a dead fish handshake who walks with his shoulders slumped and talks in a whiney voice, slightly feminized and very fearful of confrontation.
Bill: "There's Mike, moping around like lost his only friend. I can't believe how he rolls over every time Eddie steals his lunch money."

Jack: "What a sad sack of shit."
додав Crapholio 21 Липня 2005
Another saying for first degree murder
Ted just got convicted of murder one, now he's going to ride the lighning.
додав Crapholio 05 Серпня 2005
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