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7 definitions by Dan Stearns

Golf - spelled backwards
As the duffers finish their round of golf: "That was a fine day of flog"
додав Dan Stearns 2 Червень 2005
128 106
A golfer's expletive after he putts and his ball is still farthest away from the hole.

Fuck, I'm still out!
Nice putt Alice. You're Fiso.
додав Dan Stearns 18 Травень 2004
33 12
A poor golfer who continues to play often even though he can't hit the ball
Look at that duffer; he's already taken 8 strokes on the hole.
додав Dan Stearns 2 Червень 2005
73 62
To Insure Prompt Service

from an London coffee shop tip jar first
used in the 17th century
If you want your coffee faster, put a
half-penny into the tips jar.
додав Dan Stearns 8 Березень 2005
53 54
Sometimes, a golfer hits a horrible shot that runs up the fairway to a good position: ugly but effective
As his opponent skips the ball off the water onto the green, 3 feet from the hole.

Nice ube, you lucky sob
додав Dan Stearns 24 Травень 2004
15 17
In the computer world, a nibble is half of a byte
The right-most nibble of 0xA5 is 5
додав Dan Stearns 12 Травень 2004
84 91
After a golfer makes a birdie, the next hole is (nearly always) a disaster.

Hence: fuab - fuck up after birdie
Joe makes a birdie on the 4th hole. On the 5th greee, after Joe putts for his 7, his partner responds - nice fuab!
додав Dan Stearns 25 Травень 2004
10 19