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3 definitions by HCGATOR07

The grossest poop of all.
"Why are we here?" Douglas cried, as poop came out his weiner, in a long, thin strip. It was . . . weiner poop -
додав HCGATOR07 20 Квітень 2010
121 13
The magical powers that define when and if your internet will work for no logical reason. They are occasionally wooed by begging and/or excessive force to computer equipment (although the latter can also upset them beyond reconciliation).
I spent three hours trying to connect to Comcast and then suddenly the Internet Fairies smiled upon me.
додав HCGATOR07 17 Квітень 2011
4 0
To receive fellatio while defecating in the upper tank of a toilet instead of the bowl.
"John keeps talking about how he got a lumpkin AND upper decked somebody the other night."

"Nah, he was just grandstanding - "
додав HCGATOR07 3 Грудень 2009
12 17