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163 definitions by Jamie

Cunt or Mott
Fuck me lads, she had a minge like the Jackson Five in a rugby scrum.
додав Jamie 13 Квітень 2003
alternate way of taking drugs by inserting them into the anus
hey ben, i'm going to swallow one pill and shelf the other one
додав Jamie 29 Листопад 2003
Best band ever. Enough said.
Best song is Trooper, everyone should listen to this song.
додав Jamie 8 Січень 2004
To do something stupid or without thought like George W Bush.
Sticking your hand on that hot flame was just bushy.
додав Jamie 28 Жовтень 2004
A person who makes a couple fall in love.
That man was just like cupid!
додав Jamie 18 Лютий 2003
Fine model from England wif big tats and a nice arse. Proof that British women ain't that bad.
Damn Kelly Brook has massive tits!
додав Jamie 22 Листопад 2004
The new amazing looking final fantasy movie based on final fantasy 7. Available for the playstation portable.
Did you see the latest AC pictures? Sexier than a lesbian gang bang!!!
додав Jamie 30 Жовтень 2004