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11 definitions by Jeanette

A television show on PBS with a bunch of snot-nosed kids that do crafts and tell knock-knock jokes.
Come on and zoom. Come on and zuma zuma zuma zoom!
додав Jeanette 9 Серпень 2004
193 61
Omaha is the new Seattle.
That Omaha scence is up and coming, no?
додав Jeanette 9 Серпень 2004
397 294
Yet another word for butt, booty, or ass. Probably derives from Jennifer Lopez and her famous backside.
She was shaking her moneymaker all over the place, and I got so horny.
додав Jeanette 28 Березень 2004
149 78
A person who cannot function without regular caffeine fixes. A person who drinks most of the coffee in the coffee room, leaving none for anybody else. A person who will borrow money or steal coffee just to get a fix.
"There's no coffee left, that caffeine whore drank it all."
додав Jeanette 16 Лютий 2005
57 10
A divined individual aka true diva.
One of class who always looks jazzy never clashy nor trashy! An individual who has a goal in life and stays focus on what she wants. One who is unique and different from the rest.
Jeanette Hordge- authour of The Diva J Way
додав Jeanette 15 Вересень 2004
12 11
a black man's skeet
DeShawn squirted peppa juice in LaQuita's mouth.
додав jeanette 11 Червень 2006
1 2
a word to fill the silence with the hopes of making the other person laugh.
I said moop and things were comfortable again.
додав Jeanette 23 Жовтень 2003
96 105