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67 definitions by JonathanChance

Acronym for Democrat In Name Only. Refers to people affiliated with the DemoCratic Party who act like Republicans.
Joe Leiberman, what a fucking DINO!
додав JonathanChance 1 Жовтень 2003
424 270
The best fucking rum on the face of the planet. It blows Captain Morgan right out of the Fucking Water
додав JonathanChance 28 Вересень 2003
99 9
A light "whappp" to the back of the head, done with an open palm in an upward motion. The physical equivalent of the phrase, "Whatta you, a moron?!"

Someone oughta give that damn Illinois driver a dope slap for driving like an idiot!
додав JonathanChance 28 Червень 2003
121 40
See "dumbass".
додав JonathanChance 24 Вересень 2003
101 25
To spontaneously break out in laughter while performing on stage.
Jimmy Fallon is the king of corpsing.
додав JonathanChance 25 Березень 2004
108 34
A Submarine Sandwich or Hoagie that is baked so that the cheese gets all nice and gooey.
Yeah, I'll have a Pepperoni, Salami,Ham and Italin Sausage grinder with everything on it.
додав JonathanChance 1 Жовтень 2003
191 126