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9 definitions by KENNY!

A FREE coaster/frisbee u get in the mail every other fucking week!
i broke an aol cd today!
додав KENNY! 10 Травень 2004
107 10
Cracka with attitude!
hes a CWA
додав KENNY! 11 Березень 2004
70 36
Teh koolest DJ on the Seattle radio station 107.7 The End!
OMFG DJ NoName is teh koolest! W00t!
додав KENNY! 22 Грудень 2004
40 20
A extremely crappy airsoft brand. Guns are lucky to even last a week. Though they seem to be getting better with their LPEG's (Low Powered Electric Gun)
Crapping Your Money Away.
додав Kenny! 27 Лютий 2005
24 20
Dale's brother. He gets his wiener sucked and he gets humped by his dog Yogi. He also always breaks his guns when he plays airsoft. Lasty, he is stupid, plus he sucks at CS and his Dad said "Smell that Dump" when he got out from using the bathroom.
Drew, stop gettin butt fucked by Yogi!
додав KENNY! 22 Грудень 2004
11 20
porn for l337 nerds. it usually involves porn like anal sex and dirty sanchez. but some types of Pr0n!!111 are very good.
i love watching Pr0n because my penis is the h0nri.
додав kenny! 2 Січень 2005
10 21
a subtitute for cock
Suck my cauc!
додав KENNY! 20 Травень 2004
13 28