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Pronounced K-Eye-Yah rather than Key-Ahh

A first name, means "rising sun" in some African laungage im not particualrly sure of.

Also spelt "Kaya" to mean marajuana, made famous by the ledgandary Bob Marley

Kiahs are usually preety kick ass, although unpredictable at times.
Example 1:

Kid: Hey Kiah, Your so Flyyyy

Kiah: I know huh?

Example 2:

Ive got have kaya now, cuz the rain is falling
додав Kiah Von Krunk 17 Липня 2008
A concept derived from throwing together many diffrent alternative fashions henceforth creating an "emo" like "gangster" style.

Scene kids have big egos and big attitudes, and should be avoided at all costs due to thier unpredictable behavior i.e wrist cutting or turning "straight edge" to fit in with thier crowd who who kill if acused of conforming, yet do.

Girls, Insecure

Boys, Gay.
додав Kiah Von Krunk 16 Липня 2008
A depressed female who is terribly desperate to fit in with her "the world should just end now" buddies.

Usually under 20, emily the strange and My Chemical Romance obsessed.
Medium to High middle class lifestyle with one parent.

Derived from the term "We-mo" which means wanna be emo, these kids are the worst of the lot, mind set on "coloring the world black" because "thats all they see".
Look at sallySUICIDE, you would think if you were gonna hack your wrists you would do it properly... Shes such a She-Mo!
додав Kiah Von Krunk 17 Липня 2008
The Dark Carnival is a pseydo religion that Juggalette/lo's follow.
It consists of the eight jokers cards, and listening to the preachings of the ICP & the all the other Psychopathic boys
Real Juggalette's & Juggalo's follow The Dark Carnival, and are down with the clown, for life.
додав Kiah Von Krunk 16 Липня 2008
An over used, yet quite telling statement.

A Juggalette, Juggalo or Fan of any of the Psychopathic records boys, use this phrase to show thier undying loyalty to thier fello Lo's & Lettes and The Dark Carnival

We dont care what you think because with so many people down with the clown, who else can say they are in a 5 million strong family?
ill be down with the clown till im in the ground
додав Kiah Von Krunk 17 Липня 2008
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