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3 definitions by KrustyKrabPizza

An area in Brooklyn, full of Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Mexicans, and some Blacks.

The guys are very good looking. Theirs lots of places to shop.Nail Salons are much cheaper then the ones in queens, AND they do a better job.
Me: *walking down Broadway with friends* "BlahBlahBlahBlah"
*Sexy guy passes by*
Me:Damn, i love bushwick, its full of the sexiest people.
додав KrustyKrabPizza 25 Квітень 2009
the sickest game to play when your walking to nowhere, or with someone who is very weak or skinny >:)
Wormies !!!!
додав KrustyKrabPizza 30 Квітень 2009
An awesome book written by Walter Dean Myers, really made me think.

You should go and read Dope Sick
додав KrustyKrabPizza 25 Квітень 2009