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8 definitions by Lillian

a person whom you are related to. sometimes a role model. sometimes an ass. sometimes a friend. a person who you are stuck being related to until the day you die through good or bad
my brother is a good guy.
додав Lillian 30 Січень 2004
really, extremely, or especially
when the Red Sox beat the Yankees, I was "wicked" excited!
додав Lillian 9 Жовтень 2003
A type of man who teases a woman and leads her on, while alternately still dating his girlfriend brianna garcia
I don't know why I keep thinking he will return my affection- he is pulling a josh sanchez
додав Lillian 6 Січень 2005
another name for retard or stupid (originated from colleenie beenie bannon)
what a rebut!!
Ari is such a fucking rebut.
додав Lillian 17 Березень 2005
being cute smart nice and great actor
whoa! that guy is so shia!
додав Lillian 4 Грудень 2003
TNT IS OFF THE FIREWORKS (or in other words, the word tnt is an utterbly awesome word which means just that- utterbly awesome and super cool).. yes so have you ever been a situation when something is soooooo awesome you just don't know what to say about it well now you your problem is solved- you say that is the TNT!!!!!!!! (as in that is the bomb- but don't ever say that just the tnt)
Dude your shirt is the TNT!!
додав Lillian 13 Червень 2004
its like a junky and a skank
man that girl is dressed soo janky
додав Lillian 10 Червень 2004