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4 definitions by M Bizzle

A Blunt or cannabis containing cigar, similar to the word 'Wim Bizzle' (a spliff); both are of Nottingham Origin.
'If Tupac was here he'd surely say "Lizzle another blizzle and get this party underway"'
додав M Bizzle 30 Березень 2005
28 16
A Spliff or cannabis filled cigarette.
Wow thats a fat wim bizzle, let's get lifted nigguh.
додав M Bizzle 30 Березень 2005
13 1
The realest playas in the game. They run the streets as hard as they run the track.
Damn. TrackFam be some tight niggaz.
додав M Bizzle 15 Серпень 2003
5 3
Light, or lighter. (Cigarette lighter)
Lizzle that Blizzle ma' Nizzle!
додав M Bizzle 30 Березень 2005
7 6