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1) To fondle a woman. Is usually specific to breasts or the ass, but can refer to any part of the body

2) An absolutely awesome anime also known as FLCL. Beleive it or not, Fooly Cooly IS the original name. How it became known as Furi Kuri is an interesting fact.

The way the title was written down was a complicated matter, as the words related more to the symbol and less to the actual word. The closest you could get to writing Fooly Cooly was pronounced Furi Kuri, as 'r' was the closest thing to 'l'. Thus it is only pronounced Furi Kuri when read aloud, though the name is still Fooly Cooly.

Several people still prefer to call it FLCL. It's about a 12 year old boy, Noata, who has a brother in the U.S., his bro's ex-girlfriend is horny for him, and this crazy Vespa woman who calls herself Haruko slams into his life, and robots start exploding out of his head. Then you throw in guitars, some Christ like robot named Canti, The Pillows, and there you have it; FLCL.

The show is famously confusing, so to help you out, think of it as an anime Mary Poppins, with randomness and robots.
1) Come on babe, let's get Fooly Cooly.

2) Wait... is the curry Fooly Cooly, the weird transfer signals, or the robots? Fuck; this is confusing.
додав Magic Hobo 09 Травня 2005
Someone addicted to coffee.
додав Magic Hobo 20 Березня 2005
What is most likely to become the next form of media. It's the be used on the next-gen consoles such as PlayStation 3, X-Box 2, but you just never know with Nintendo. Movies will probably be used for it as well, as they can also be recorded on them. A single side can hold 25 GB, and dual can hold 50 GB, and get this, they're making a quad-layered one with 100 GB. That'd make one fuck of a Grand Theft Auto game. Overall, in 3 years when somebody reads this, Blu-Ray will be well known. The acronym for it is BD, for Blu-Ray Disc.
Because blue lasers are thinner and more precise then the current red lasers, it's now possible to store more on a single disc. A Blu-Ray Disc to be exact.

... Why are you telling me this?
додав Magic Hobo 23 Січня 2005
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