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Microsoft's online gaming service for their console system the "Xbox." Living up to it's title "the best online gaming service," Xbox Live offers a variety of games including Counter Strike, Rainbow Six 3 and Halo 2. It offers clan services, a friends list, messaging system, a voice-headset communicator, online alerts and more. You can play with anyone from just about anywhere around the world.

It does have it's ups and downs. There are some Xbox Live gamers who act immaturely, but they can easily be overlooked. Thanks to the muting system, you can mute that kid who sings everytime he talks. (Then again, you can just tell him to shut up.) Xbox Live really allows Xbox owners to get the most out of their games.
Joe: I just killed you on Halo 2 last night. Do you know what that means, Daniel?

Daniel: Yes, a deal is a deal, and if it must be so then I will put on a ballerina's tu-tu and sing twinkle-twinkle little star into my webcam. Then I will send the video to everybody I know thus putting me in the middle of a humilation frenzy.
додав Mehro 08 Листопада 2004
1. A hilarious flash video based on the game series "Metal Gear Solid." Google "Crab Battle" to view.

2. When one man meets a Cave Demon.
1. "Ergh...C...CRAB BATTLE!!!"

2. "Ergh...C...CRAB BATTLE!!!"
додав Mehro 29 Травня 2005
A powerful weapon combo in the hit Xbox game, Halo 2. To perform it, a player finds a Plasma Pistol and Battle Rifle, takes them, charges the Plasma Pistol and fires off a shot at the opponent, instantly making the target lose their shield. Then the player needs only to switch to the Battle Rifle and fire off one shot to the head (or two shots to the body) to get an instant kill on the target.

It is widely used in maps like Colossus and Beaver Creek. Do not judge the combo by its widely-used name, however. It takes skill to some extent to aim the Battle Rifle in the right spot.
Player 1: How did you get 40 kills, Player 2?

Player 2: Noob combo, biyatch.
додав Mehro 25 Березня 2005
Started by Canadian tard Avril Lavigne, Sk8er is used by 10-12 year olds who follow Avril Lavigne like a freaking god. These 10-12 year olds have merely got their first taste of "rock," and have been pulled into it's will by the WRONG person, namely Avril. These 10-12 year olds refer to anti-sk8ers as "h8ers." The "8" is used in place fo "at" because the 10-12 year olds cannot spell "skater."
Thanks a lot, Avril. You just ruined the word "skateboarder" and the sport of boarding forever. Now the common stereotype for skateboarders is being a poser.
додав MehRo 20 Червня 2004
The sequel to the game in which you played as some nerdy scientist with a crowbar. Now, in Half-Life 2, you're a badass nerd scientist with a crowbar. It promises revolutionary graphics, physics engine, characters, storyline and quite frankly everything else. It will be an amazing game without a doubt.
Half-Life 2 will rule.
додав Mehro 15 Листопада 2004
Nurgle is the God of Pestilence, Death and Decay. Nurgle is one of the Chaos Gods in the Warhammer: 40,000 universe. He leads thousands of rotting warriors into battle; most of which feel no pain. Nurgle is the sworn enemy of Tzeentch, God of Change.

Nurgle's army is infantry based, and relies on many squads of meat shields rather than small squads of elite men. As his meat shields feel no pain, the army is well dependant on their land warriors. Falling upon their enemy like a plague, the massive infantry units of Nurgle overwhelm the enemies of Chaos.
Nurgle's Death Guard is one of the most brutal Chaos armies ever.
додав Mehro 21 Грудня 2004
The God of Change and Evil Dreams. He is the sworn enemy of Nurgle, God of Pestilence and Death. Tzeentch uses mutation and unnatural magic to bestow evil enchantments upon his elite warriors.
Tzeentch brought the evil warrior into daemonhood.
додав Mehro 21 Грудня 2004
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