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Headshot originated from the game Unreal Tournament, and has been used by FPS players since then. The word is while one is playing an fps, when suddenly out of no where "BOOM, HEADSHOT." When you get a headshot, this may lead to extreme happiness in yourself, because you just pwned that little J00. However, when you are given a headshot, you may tend to scream out, "WTF, Thats Bullshit, LEAVE THE GAME HACKER!"
While playing Counter Strike you may flashbang someone, turn the corner to see them completely blind. You start to shoot at them at point blank, hitting them 2 times, giving them a total of 67 damage. As they become unblind, they will turn and shoot you in the forehead causing instant death. This is known as a "Headshot." Some players will scream out " WHAT THE HELL IS THE TIC RATE IN THIS JOINT?" Others might take it out on things or people around them at the time of the owning.
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додав Mike Black 17 Вересня 2006
Delta operator who on oct 3, 1993 sacrificed his life to save that of CWO Mike Durant. Courageous, Honorable, Badass. Yes Randy Shughart is the idol of all US. soldiers. Randy had a partner who was almost as Badass as him. Gary Gordon. Gordon use a Car-15 with red dot scope and had a custom desert paint job. Randy used a WWII era m14 with red dot scope and a custom desert paint job. They gave all and Suffered all.
"Randy Shughart and Gary Gordon again request permission to secure perimeter around crash site 2, over"
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додав Mike Black 08 Лютого 2006
1st Special Detachment Delta, or Delta Force, is a secret Counter Terrorism Branch of the US Army. They specialize in Hostage Situations, Recon Missions, and Counter Terrorism. Delta Force has been involved in numerous missions including the operation to capture warlord Mohammed Farrah Aidid and his colleagues. Delta Force was sent in with Task Force Ranger and the 160th SOAR on MH-6 Little birds and Blawkhawks, as well as a ground convoy to capture these people.

Delta Force is one of Americas top Military units(Others include Navy Seals, and Army Rangers. Delta was created by U.S. Army colonel Charles Beckwith in 1977 in direct response to numerous, well-publicized terrorist incidents that occurred in the 1970s. Delta trained along side the British SAS for many years.
Army Ranger -"Dam these sons-o-bitches wont stay down"
Delta Operator - :Double tap of M4: "He's down now"

Example #1 - Delta Force operators Randy David Shughart and Gary Ivan Gordon were awarded the Medal of Honor, posthumously for their actions in Somali.

Example #2 - Deployed to the Gulf in 1991, both to serve as bodyguards for senior U.S. officers and, later, as part of a massive effort to locate and destroy mobile SCUD launchers in Iraq’s northern deserts.

Example #31993 - As part of Task Force Ranger, took part in numerous operations to apprehend warlord Mohamad Farah Aidid in Mogadishu, Somalia.
#delta #delta force #special forces #combat #somlia #mogadishu #task force ranger #weapons #army #160th soar
додав Mike Black 19 Вересня 2006
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