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when two heterosexual males go out and get dinner/coffee/ice cream together and discuss their thoughts and lives, with absolutely no sexual tension between them...you know, just a couple of dudes getting a snack.
Keyvan and Sohrab are having a man-date at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles because they are so over Mel's Diner.
додав NARFKARTA 03 Березня 2008
SST is an abbreviation for the Stripper Seduction Tactic. This is a method used to get real action in a strip club from a dancer, as opposed to the usual tease, without having to pay any more than the price of the lap dance. Guys who pay the stripper extra $10, 20, 100, etc for higher "mileage" are NOT making use of SST, they are johns pure and simple.

SST consists of going to the club in the daytime, standing out by being well groomed and in shape and young, catching the stripper off guard while she is bored (since the dayshift is slow) and thus taking her out of her act, and then once she is in her normal element - just a regular gal - proceeding to flirt with her the way you would in any other situation or environment. If the dancer suggests dancing right away the customer must keep delaying it to make room for a long, deep conversation, which is essential to the tactic. After sufficient connection and attraction has been built up the player may then accept the dance offer or even suggest it himself, and then use the time in the lap dance area to hook up with the dancer. A real SST involves at least making out with the dancer, and again the buyer CANNOT pay or tip extra (in order to confirm the hookup was based on real attraction, not financial gain). It must also be confirmed that the dancers in the club in question do not usually make out with all their customers.
Guy 1: What is this SST?
Guy 2: SST is the Stripper Seduction Tactic (SST). It was taught to my friend Sohrab by a wise middle-aged man in Los Angeles who use to practice it himself in his younger days in San Jose.
додав narfkarta 02 Квітня 2009
When a man dresses up, treats himself to a nice dinner on the town, then goes home and watches a movie, and if he plays his cards right gets a little jerk action at the end of the night.
I like to masterdate by getting some baja fresh, coming home to watch a coen bros movie, then jerking it to a lucious lopez porn.
додав NARFKARTA 03 Серпня 2008
a promiscuous person who restricts him or herself to sexual outercourse (anything other than actual penetration) with his/her many partners.

a PG-13 player.

Joe is an outerwhore cuz he gets a lot of action but he never seals the deal...they don't call him Smelly-fingers-Joe for nothing.
додав narfkarta 09 Квітня 2009
the state of mind and behavior of an individual who has not yet tried alcohol.
We were pre partying at Milan's and he told me "After you break your alca-hymen you should just go all out and become an alca-whore!" Props to Milan for inventing that word.
додав NARFKARTA 03 Березня 2008
physical discord between bros.

Nick and Sohrab started off play-wrestling but eventually it became apparent they were letting their aggressions out on each other and it was a serious case of bromestic violence. Milan just stood in the doorway, crossing his arms, grinning and enjoying the show instead of calling the cops as the bros elbowed each other.
додав narfkarta 09 Квітня 2009
a title of respect attached to persons, places, things of personal and/or societal significance.

also sometimes used as a pronoun.

also sometimes inserted in the middle of words for shits and giggles.
"Who are you voting for?"
"Obama-dawgy all the way"

"What's your favorite position?"

"Do you like fatburger?"
"Yeah fatburger dawgy is one of the best dawgies out there!"

Sohrab is an elite dawgy.
додав NARFKARTA 03 Березня 2008

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