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Substandard, poorly executed or organized. Amateurish.
Who's in charge of this mickey mouse operation, anyway?
додав Nacho Dan 16 Червень 2004
A ninjew is a Jew who has developed some level of skill in jew-fu. A certain amount of strength is also required, as the ninjew may be called upon to stab vigorously. They have been known to wail on guitar or do other things that are totally sweet. The natural enemy of the pirate.

Ninjews are rare and hard to pick out of a crowd.

1. Ninjews are mammals, and often hairy to the point of being jewbacca.
2. Ninjews fight ALL the time, except when they're drinking or bitching. A bitch-drink-fight cycle is not uncommon.
3. The purpose of the ninjew is to flip out and kill people.
Ted is wailing on a guitar while he's drinking, and that's totally sweet. You can tell he's a ninjew.
додав Nacho Dan 30 Червень 2004
A form of the martial arts used by the ninjew. Kept secret among the Hebrew people, jew-fu allows the ninjew to perform spectacular feats of dexterity, dominate his opponents, or open an otherwise stubborn beer. Used by ninjews to fight pirates.
Darrin: How the hell did you beat me?
Ted: I'm a ninjew.
Darrin: Oh yeah, I forgot. Pwned by the jew-fu again.
додав Nacho Dan 30 Червень 2004
From partnered card games, discussion between partners of the contents of their hands. Its purpose is to gain an advantage, and is generally against the house rules, if not written rules.
Him: I'm feeling a lot of LOOOOOVE for this game.
Her: I don't have much LOOOVE, but I'd sure like to CLUB you for saying that.
Me: Hey, easy on the table talk, okay?
додав Nacho Dan 15 Червень 2004
Phenomenon whereby a software package gains many more features than originally intended.

Generally the product of optimistic programmers or overambitious managers, feature creep is generally considered a bad thing. Feature creep makes a program that would have done one thing well into a program that does ten things, all poorly. Microsoft Outlook suffers badly from feature creep.
Her: Oh, we could add TCP/IP remote management!
Him: We need to make sure it has a standard SNMP interface. And metrics analysis.
Me: Watch out for feature creep - it's only a screen saver.
додав Nacho Dan 8 Липень 2004
(vt) to totally pwn, dominate, and/or abuse. Implies an excessively one-sided competition, action or event, to the point of gratuitousness. When one is shazored, one's opponent left no doubt as to who was in control. A good shazoring will cause spectators to remember the incident wherein one was shazored more than the events surrounding it.

Derived from Ernest Shazor, a football player at the University of Michigan, and inspired by his last-minute heroics in the game against Purdue University on October 23, 2004.
"Did you see Shazor when he shazored the receiver??"
"I'm gonna totally shazor my thermo exam."
"Bust out the Everclear - I'm getting shazored tonight."
додав Nacho Dan 3 Листопад 2004
An expression of acknowledgement of hardship. Depending on context, can be sympathetic or taunting.
You: My car broke down, and I have to get to the other side of the state tonight!
Me: Damn, dude. Sucks to be you.

Her: I totally blew my interview, and now you're going to get the job for sure.
Him: Ha ha! Sucks to be you!
додав Nacho Dan 15 Червень 2004

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