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4 definitions by Negative Creep

Very bad movie. Created for viewing by only by breakdancers and fucking retards. Which both fall into the same catagory.
You got served is a bad movie. Plain and simple.
додав Negative Creep 20 Січень 2005
273 231
great band whose best album WASN'T Nevermind, In Utero, or Unplugged. It was Bleach, sons. That raw grunge-metal sound was never present on their later albums. But it's all good.
Nirvana is good.
додав negative creep 5 Березень 2004
19 21
A mexican dance. Also a peice of music which is the best peice of music to have ever been written.
"Man, The mexican hat dance pwns all other music except nirvana."
додав Negative Creep 5 Лютий 2005
18 29
Flaming homosexual. One of queer lifestyles.
Holy crap, look at that guy!
Must be Win.
додав Negative Creep 9 Лютий 2005
14 123