91 definitions by Patrick

A genle mandered man, who likes to express himself through building up relationships with atleast 3-4 girls at once.
The LadiesMan has lots of girls.
додав Patrick 17 Червень 2003
Slang for 'we are'.
We be goin' to tha sto'
додав Patrick 12 Лютий 2003
Having your dick sucked.
Oh, last night, the greatest thing ever happpened to me, thanks to your mom.
додав Patrick 9 Квітень 2005
A brand of whiskey (://www.speysidedistillery.co.uk/).
clear your thoughts with speyside
додав Patrick 4 Грудень 2004
The awesomest forward in the world. Critisized by the nba media. Mostly misunderstood. Fuck you all hes the best.
додав Patrick 23 Листопад 2003
blood term for cigarette
yo, can i bum a bigarette?
додав Patrick 11 Травень 2006
An expression of celebration or joy
" I blow his fucking head open! w00t w00t!"
додав Patrick 16 Грудень 2003

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