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3 definitions by Peacock

Back in 1999, members of the football365 football forum (now mostly found at cupwinkcook.com) formed an e-mail group for some of the forummers to send each other the latest e-mail jokes, attachments, etc. in a convenient way.

One member of the group, Peacock (named so after the Leeds United nickname "The Peacocks"), had the rather annoying habit of posting the latest jokes, attachments, etc. after they had already been posted.

This led to the term "Peacocked".
*old joke arrives in Inbox*

додав Peacock 14 Липень 2004
To run from a fight
where is he? i bet hes bufflin
додав Peacock 16 Травень 2004
a womans virgina
check the cunt bucket on that
додав peacock 16 Травень 2004