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2 definitions by PrOf3sHuNaLoS3R

Acronym for "Bring that Booty"
Girl texts: I'm comming over now ok babe?

Guy texts: yeaaaa BTB(Bring that Booty)!
додав PrOf3sHuNaLoS3R 3 Грудень 2010
When a man or a woman verbally caresses a person's ego with kind words, to the point of blushing.
Girl: Oh professor, you have the cutest smile! Has anyone ever told you that?

Professor thinks to himself: I'm not about to fall for her Stroke Job! Just calmly tell her to go away and that shes failing no matter what she says.
додав PrOf3sHuNaLoS3R 30 Листопад 2010