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The year 2007. Used mainly in instant messaging rather than in speech.
What year is it?
додав Sarah Potter 17 Травня 2007
On the

The qxz represents that it's so funny, that the person hit random keys on the keyboard.
Guy1: lol
Guy2: lmao
Guy1: roflmao
Guy2: roflmaoqxz
Guy1: i just got owned.
додав Sarah Potter 06 Квітня 2008
Abbreviation for manicure.
"I can't help you right now, I've just had a mani."
додав Sarah Potter 17 Січня 2008
Abbreviation for pedicure.
"I can't help you right now, I've just had a pedi."
додав Sarah Potter 17 Січня 2008
Translates to "what's going on?" from wagwaan or wagwan. Means "what's up?" "what's happening in your life?" or even just "hi, how are you?". Used as an internet slang greeting.
guy1: wag1
guy2: safe
додав Sarah Potter 02 Травня 2007
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