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A niblet of shit.
A small kernel or morsel of turd commonly found in the underpants after an unexpected shart.

Less commonly occuring after taking a shit and failing to completely pinch off the last stubborn nugget. Even cursory wiping typically removes this variety, but in rare cases this pinch-pirate will subsequently (and apparently randomly) release itself to be discovered in the briefs at a later time as a shiblet.

When entangled in ass-hair, may also be referred to as a klingon or dingleberry - though a free, unobstructed turd kernel discoverred in the tighty-whiteys is always referred to as a shiblet.
"Wot's this? A shiblet in my gonch? That ripper didn't feel wet... huh, I guess I must've sharted."

Bob: "Dude, I just found a ball of hash on the floor, let's party!"
Jon: "That's a shiblet man, don't smoke it! I found that rolling around in my gooch last Friday and flicked it at the ceiling... it must've fallen down."
додав Scarecrow05 19 Квітня 2006
Afirmative sexual availability.

If one is single, not in a monogamous relationship, or otherwise not exclusively attached, they are said to be fairdinkum. (it's fair to dink 'um)

To pork someone who is not 'available' would be unfairdinkum.

John has the hots for his best friend's girlfriend Sheila, but to bone her behind his buddy's back would be unfairdinkum. John must tell his friend that he saw Shiela hoing it up with the bouncer at a singles club, and later chuggin' cock in the back alley for free shooters. His friend should then break up with the ho. Now she's fairdinkum, and John can tap dat ass without fear of reprisal.

Linda: "Tom is so hot, I wanna ride him like a Jersey steer. Too bad he's dating Cindy... she'd rip my uterus out with her bare hands if she found out I boned him."
Keri: "You're in luck! As of last night, Tom and Cindy are on a 'break' ... he's fairdinkum!"
додав Scarecrow05 19 Квітня 2006
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