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The Magnificent Bastard is the kind of character that you get when you combine Tricksters, Master Manipulators and Chessmaster-type characters: bold, charismatic, independent, and audacious. These characters have shown themselves to steal other people's shows through their intellect, boldness of action and manipulation mastery, which often captivates the audience.

They are brilliant and utterly devious, always coming with backup strategies so that they win every time, and not to mention they're smooth operators. They always know exactly what to say and never lose their cool (sometimes unless if it's in certain times when something goes wrong for some of them). The Magnificent Bastards have goals that they don't stop until they accomplish, plus they are charismatic, and almost all of them are often charming. Even at their darkest hours, they have traits that one can't help but admire.

A Magnificent Bastard can be aligned with any side - this category of course deals with the villainous kinds of Magnificent Bastards. It's also possible for Protagonist Villains to be Magnificent Bastards, but it's quite rare to find a Magnificent Bastard in one. Sometimes, a villainous Magnificent Bastard can fall short due to being so arrogant, and sometimes, when said villain goes too over-the-top to be believable, he becomes a Villain Sue. Despite that, said character isn't too likely to be a complete idiot at best.
You magnificent bastard I read your book!!
додав Superweapon624 05 Березня 2014
These are villains expert in manipulating events and people alike to serve their own schemes. They rarely show themselves directly to their enemies, as they prefer to manipulate behind the scenes, unless they are certain of their superiority. Sociopaths and Psychopaths tend to be and are likely Master Manipulators.
The work of a master manipulator... He tricked us all and got us good!! No way he can be this intense!!
додав Superweapon624 05 Березня 2014
Blondie (can be spelled Blondie, Blondy or Blondi) is term technically sometimes used to refer to a person with blond hair.

It is an can be a nickname to others with blonde hair, other times there are variations of it called Blonderella, Blondette or etc..

Dirty blondes can be Dirty Blondie which is a variation of another Blondie.
*to a blonde girl that is your friend* Hi Blondie
додав Superweapon624 05 Березня 2014
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