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4 definitions by THE PAMSTER

When one of a gentlemans testiclay hangs lower than the other.
After sex he sood up and I saw his gentlemans earring
додав THE PAMSTER 4 Травень 2007
dry skin flakes or scales found around a donkey's testicles.
common slang from the the outskirts of london originating from the 1930s.
he has been licking scrougles again...i.e. he is talking ballocks - common insult according to my grandfather!
додав THE PAMSTER 5 Травень 2007
When a fuckwit temp does not show up for a start. short for did not show
he's a fucking cock - he's fucking DNUed
додав THE PAMSTER 4 Травень 2007
a gent with long grey pubic hair
you gandalf cunt and grey pubed mother fucker
додав THE PAMSTER 4 Травень 2007