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As mentioned previously, it is a word invented by Looking Glass Studios and originally saw its introduction in Thief: The Dark Project.

However, what the previous poster failed to note, is its additional use in later releases as "an expletive sounding of British origin." Quite frankly, only one word in the modern vernacular is versatile enough to take its place: The F Word.

See examples, below.
"Where did that taffer go?"
"Aww, taff it all!"
"Quit taffing about, you!"
"What the taff was that?!"
"Are you taffing with me?"
"This shift has been completely taffed.."
додав TaciturnBadger 22 Серпня 2011
The act of a male passing gas while receiving oral sex from a partner.

Typically a very embarrassing thing which ends "the mood" instantaneously, though some are the inverse and are actually aroused by the act.
Bob: "So how'd it go last night?"

Joe: "It went well, until the flatulatio incident. Guess we shouldn't have gone to Taco Bell for the first date."

Bob: "What'd she do? Freak out?"

Joe: "No, that was the worst part. She asked if I could do it again."

Bob: "Someone who likes flatulatio.. I'm not sure if you should run for the hills or jump on that."
додав TaciturnBadger 30 Червня 2011
Taking a dump in a bathroom and leaving without wiping. Flushing is optional.
Bob: That guy is so freaking gross. He just dump 'n' jumped in the bathroom.

Joe: Glad I don't have to sit next to him all day!

Bob: .....yeah, well *I* do.
додав TaciturnBadger 15 Червня 2011
Caucasian Male Syndrome (CMS) is the complete and utter lack of individuals of Caucasian descent and of the male gender to maintain any form of dance rhythm.

Sufferers of CMS often revert to faux dances by engaging in everyday motions which imitate (badly) real dance moves. These Caucasian Male Moves (CMM) include such everyday motions as The Dice Roller, The Grocery Shopper, The Skiier, and The Pulp Fiction. Inevitably, this severely limited library of dance moves results in sloppy repetition of the same moves over and over again, each time with decreasing interest in the partner.

If pressed too long (approximately the length of one song), this decrease in dance partner interest typically results in some sort of physical retribution to the person afflicted with CMS.
"What exactly is he doing on the floor? It looks like he's fapping right in front of her."

"Oh, he's got Caucasian Male Syndrome. That 'move' is called The Dice Roller."

"OHHHHH. That makes sense. He's not doing too bad for someone with CMS. Wait, he just got slapped, never mind."
додав TaciturnBadger 21 Березня 2012
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