144 definitions by Zach G.

What I am on the inside. Even in a large crowd, I am alone on the inside.
My loneliness really is killing me.
додав Zach G. 23 Листопад 2003
Insulting high class.
Well, have fun at your fancy schmancy meeting! I wish I could come, but I'm not freakin' good enough!!!!!!
додав Zach G. 27 Жовтень 2003
A fat, dumb, balding, North Ameican ape with a short temper.
Homer Simpson is a qwijibo.
додав Zach G. 28 Жовтень 2003
The greatest TV Show... since... well... ever.
I play Survivor online... does that make me a loser?
Everyone: Yes.
додав Zach G. 22 Листопад 2004
A way to describe a funny pun.
Ha! That was punny!
додав Zach G. 27 Жовтень 2003
A word used in place of a swear word. Often used when you don't know one.
You beepin' beep!
додав Zach G. 8 Листопад 2003
A token german name.
Hello Fritz.
Fritz: Guten Morgen!
додав Zach G. 14 Листопад 2003

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