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the occurrence of when a bunch of fagots, creeps, weirdos, and overall people who have no friends find more people just like themselves and form a large group whilst none of them talk, they just stand there. but when they find somebody or a group they follow them around even when the people don't want them too, they are basically shits who annoy people.
1) dude the legion of fags won't go away so we can talk in peace

2) no, mr. pittman, it was the legion of fags

3) i want to go talk those girls but the legion of fags are going to be a cockblock
#fags #no friends #weird #asshole #annoying
додав biPolarBear12 01 Червня 2011
A medium-sized city 45 mins from jacksonville and an hour away from savannah. the only good thing about brunswick is the downtown area, it offers great shopping, and is the only place in brunswick that doesnt look like shit. the only people in brunswick that are civilized and mature are the people who live past the sydney lanier bridge or by I-95. the whole reason the area isnt looked down upon is because the beautiful islands of St. Simons and Jekyll border it; where the enviroments are kept non-littered, respected, and mostly crime-free. the people here are also alot nicer, because they are raised in a better place and by parents who didn't get knocked up in their teens whom are very intellegent. where as the people in brunswick are increadibly disrespectful and think they can do whatever they want, also, because of this, 95% of them will be unemployed or working at popeyes. the better school is glynn academy, where the campus is alot better, offers better education, and the students are alot more mature. Overall glynn county would be way better without brunswick or its people.
I want to go to the mall, but too bad its in Brunswick
That stinks like Brunswick
Dude, stop acting like your from Brunswick
#brunswick #st. simons #jekyll island #shithole #crime #saint simons island #glynn academy #brunswick high school #ga #bhs #georgia #glynn middle #needwood
додав BiPolarBear12 11 Березня 2011
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