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67 definitions by casey

More cushion for the pushin'.
That woman was FATSEXY.
додав Casey 21 Квітень 2004
dirty, nasty, scandelous bitch.
damn that girl so dirty i wouldnt even touch her, what a scutterbutt.
додав casey 7 Грудень 2003
Slang for underground fight club in Bloomington, Indiana.
"Terry watched the full contact origami and wants his ass kicked now"
додав Casey 5 Березень 2005
Thick black hair surrounding the rectal orifice.
Last night Mike asked Tommy to give him a rustache ride.
додав Casey 24 Лютий 2005
an acronym for a "Long Distance Fake Out". A girl who looks really hot from far away but not so good when you get close and get a good look at her.
Oh man, that chick looked hot, but she was an LDFO.
додав Casey 28 Липень 2004
it comes from something allison once said it bed!
RAWR i want to hit that!
додав casey 28 Січень 2005
Nice Looking
A good thing
Those jeans are "mintay".
That girl is "mintay".
додав Casey 7 Січень 2005