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67 definitions by casey

a person who thinks they are a badass, but can't actually do anything bad enough to be called a badass
Jarred is such a shneebicle
додав Casey 27 Жовтень 2004
skank, whore, same thing...
That girl is such a skanch.
додав Casey 6 Серпень 2004
something that is real lame or just over all shitty.
Why did Mandy Moore come out with that goochtastic CD of all cover songs? The title "Coverage" just spells out gooch.
додав casey 13 Листопад 2003
a name given to Tails in the webcomic "That's My Sonic" actually means errand boy
"wow, yobdnarre, that's bigger than jesus!"
додав Casey 18 Жовтень 2003
A young male attracted to small boys
that guys a bortenheizenhower
додав Casey 4 Серпень 2004
a homie; just an ordinary person, not pertaining to any one race.
"What up, collare!?" Casey said.
"Nuttin much. What crackin with you?" He replied.
додав Casey 6 Липень 2004
when in the process of eating a stack of pancakes, the final pankake usually soaked in syrup, is known as the last samurai.
are you going to finish the last samurai? nah, ive already had enough pancakes.
додав casey 1 Січень 2004