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67 definitions by casey

a black vulcan
Commander Tulok is a vulgro
додав casey 14 Серпень 2003
The place where 2 men fight to death, as in the Mad Max movie.
When 2 people are fighting, simply yell "Thuderdome!" This should induce chants of "two men enter, one man leave, two men enter, one man leave..."
додав casey 20 Лютий 2003
He is being such a little fucknitch!
додав Casey 6 Травень 2004
another word for vagina.
guy: "you look so beautiful, i want to make out with you."
girl: "you can make out with my chotti."
додав casey 13 Листопад 2003
female happy area. ie: vagina, beaver, vertical taco, hatchet wound, etc...
That guy totally put his pee pee in her votch.
додав Casey 13 Грудень 2003
ass licking donkey molester who sniffs his own asshole using a pitching wedge he found in the garbage
I could really go for a prudham right about now
додав casey 9 Вересень 2003
spitting on a female's back after having anal sex to make her believe you have nutted and when the female turns aroung you shoot her in the eye.
Girl: What was that baby? Ewwwww! ouch!
додав Casey 7 Жовтень 2004