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17 definitions by chrekol

Someone who is physically attractive to him/herself, more than to others, in a sexual way.

From ipse (self) + sexual.
"I don't think of myself as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or even asexual. I'm mostly ipsexual."
додав Chrekol 10 Липень 2005
a gentle summer rain
The cloud juice began to fall, and I thought I was gonna melt into my seat. What a great night it was.
додав Chrekol 2 Липень 2005
To be raised, be heightened, go up.
"The quality of submissions is upanup."
додав Chrekol 4 Липень 2005
feeling of being listless, bored, or dull
Nothing happened today, it was blickety blah.
додав Chrekol 2 Липень 2005
The nervous feeling felt in one’s wrists and sometimes collarbone.
I started getting wrist spikes two hours before the test even started!
додав Chrekol 2 Липень 2005
One's personal buzz words.
My bombi include 'berb', 'chipper', 'convo', and 'fugly'.
додав Chrekol 2 Липень 2005
an exasperated version of 'God', used in place of a *sigh*
Good Ghod, I'm tired of all this drama!
додав Chrekol 2 Липень 2005