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7 definitions by dopey

device for smoking dope, very small made for 1 hit
додав dopey 21 Липень 2003
451 77
a ride in a motorvechile in which the passangers partake in smoking bud.
hey, you wanna go for a peace ride?
додав dopey 24 Лютий 2005
5 0
the good shit......only takes 2 hits to get you high
додав dopey 21 Липень 2003
7 2
Funky, another word for gnarly.
Shit, that smells narls.
додав dopey 24 Вересень 2003
8 9
Ziggy is a hell bent clown that lives in a box. His only goal in life is to control the world and send it into dispair.
Ziggy told me to burn down that house.
додав Dopey 1 Травень 2003
16 23
n. (1) an interloper with questionable hygiene and a penchant for discussing her Victoria's Secret undergarments at inappropriate times

(2) someone who speaks out of turn to people who are not her friends
Overhearing a conversation to which she was not part of, that sticky vicki interjected with an unwelcome, "Just drop it!"
додав Dopey 12 Жовтень 2004
7 18
bad ass weed that'll give you a gooooooooooood trip. even better with homiez juss chillin. this bud is more crystallized than northern lights. NOT BLUNT SHIT
puff the magic dragon!!!
додав dopey 3 Квітень 2004
11 23