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3 definitions by ferlishious

the act of being an assbag, being full of shit
That Toad guy used to be up to douche nozzlery, but lately he's upgraded to some first class assbaggery
додав ferlishious 9 Листопад 2007
A case of Tourette's syndrome via text on the internet. Very common in the forums of MySpace.
I was having a calm discussion with Toad, and next thing I knew his text was bold caps locked obscenities. I think he has e-tourettes. It was pure assbaggery.
додав ferlishious 30 Квітень 2008
the act of making a video clip into an animated gif
past-tense: gifified
I loved that scene from the movie, I should gifify it
додав ferlishious 11 Листопад 2007