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7 definitions by jonw

Canadian slang for cocaine
Have you guys been doing schneef?
Also used: schniffles, schnay.
додав JonW 29 Травень 2003
38 14
something that is screwed up or not normal. see example
"I was so drunk my vision was all fribbled."
"that's a fribblin pizza they served us"
додав JonW 29 Травень 2003
2 4
someone who is a geek or nerd or acts in an annoying manner.
that D&D player is a zeek.
"Quit being a zeke"
додав JonW 29 Травень 2003
7 11
Similar in use as wack. Something that sucks and blows. (Canadian slang)
This party is frit!
That person's car is frit!
додав JonW 29 Травень 2003
14 19
sweet. Best when used in combination with hella.
Dude, that shit was HELLA LEGIT
додав JonW 21 Квітень 2003
18 57
short for casual. To be cool, relaxed, at ease, good. (Canadian)
That girl is pretty cache...
This is a cache song
That was a cache dinner
додав JonW 29 Травень 2003
15 60
(Canadian) Something that is awesome, beyond cool, and something that kicks ass.
"That was deadly!"
"Deadly rims on that truck, eh?"

додав jonw 31 Травень 2003
23 158