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A more extreme term than the average 'manlet'. A wild manlet is a short man who originates from the 'Mystical World of Manlets'. A place where 'elf like' men live in the midst of the forest, inside tree trunks.

They are known to be 'short legged and short tempered'. Under the height of 5'6", they are well-known for their extremely powerful grip, and their sequential march-like dance moves. The currency in this mystical land is Fish heads and wooden coins, and their dress codes consists of green or red (by choice) ragged clothing, pointy shoes and santa-like hat. The usual professions are Blacksmith, Crafstmen, Pottery, Woodchopper and Royal Fishery.

Their hobbies consist of dancing and bird watching. A great delicacy of gorilla eyes is very much enjoyed, especially after a traditional fight which occurs when 2 manlets, inside a circle bordered with cheering manlets, use all their might and strength in order to grip their opponents face and grapple it untill submission.

One very interesting fact about this wonderful community is that they have wizards for doctors. However, there is a downside to this, as a very famous incident occured on the 6th of March, 2011. Where a manlet was given an incorrect potion for his sore back, and was sent 10,000 years into the future of the real world, where he was spotted in the Greek Festival of Melbourne, being lost, confused and frightened.

Usual terms used are 'lost manlet', 'confused manlet' and 'bejoyed manlet'.
Run like the wind o' wild manlet, for there are mystical forests to be discovered, and trees to be chopped
додав manlet hunter 3000 6 Березень 2011

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