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4 definitions by mercedesdelmar

the time of the month when a woman is menstruating.
Darling, I have good news and I have bad news. The bad news is that we can't have sex. The good news is that at least it is National Blow Job Week.
додав mercedesdelmar 7 Серпень 2005
107 30
Over-developed mammary glands on Human Males. A combination of the words "breasts" and "testicles".
Damn, Brunn should really get a bra to support his breasticles.
додав mercedesdelmar 7 Серпень 2005
86 58
When someone "casually" leaves an object or article of clothing in the home of a person they have just randomly slept with - thereby ensuring that they have an excuse to see this person again.
"Do you have everything, Doll? No Leave Behinds now - that was just a one-night stand."
додав mercedesdelmar 7 Серпень 2005
26 9
Guys, usually Yuppies, who frequent bars looking to get laid. You can spot them by their snazzy striped shirts and Goldman Sachs business cards.
Can't we just stay in tonight? I can't stand getting hit on by another Barbarian tonight.
додав mercedesdelmar 7 Серпень 2005
14 8