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A small pathetically deteriorating city in South Jersey and is considered the skid mark of Cumberland County. Normal people reluctantly drive through it to travel to more important cities the Garden State has to offer. It is composed of rednecks, wannabe gangsters, drug addicts, teen pregnancy, and your occasional college scholar who eventually moves out and never returns. While driving through the city please be careful for the natives tend to run in front of your car in the middle of the day either chasing after a ball or a female. Rotten collapsing structures, also known as historical sites are unpleasant to see and do not be surprised to see 10 or more underaged pregnant women with strollers carrying more children walking down one street. It is one of those cities where the only difference between a cop and a criminal is that a criminal makes more money... Illegal immigration and gang activity are considered hobbies and car insurance is encouraged for the possibility of a hit and run accident buy an intoxicated illegal motorist.....
guy 1 "Hey man i went to Bridgeton the other day"

guy 2 "Really? How was it?"

guy 1 "A drunk hit my parked car with his pickup truck and drove off, the police tried the trace his Pennsylvania license plates but they were fake."

guy 2 "Awwe dude that stinks, are the police investigating it?"

guy 1 "No they just wrote me a ticket and drove away"
додав namnaes 20 Березень 2011
A small, dirty town in Cumberland County New Jersey. It is considered the anus of the Vineland-Millville-Bridgeton statistical area, and is most likely the last place you would want to be seen. Around 767 families live in the area; most of which are a result of inbreeding.
guy 1: "hey dude i drove through Laurel Lake today and some weird guy was boning his pet pig because his sister broke up with him."

guy 2: "eww dude that place is shit"
додав namnaes 21 Березень 2011
Also known as Min Soo Kim: A Korean heavyweight mixed martial artist and 1996 olympic silver medalist in Judoka. He is known for his impressive kickboxing career but also for his failing mma career. With a mixed martial arts record of 3 wins and 7 losses (5 of those losses came by way of knockout but 6 were from strikes altogether). Kim was made most famous for his one sided loss against Brock Lesnar who after taking Kim down within the first few seconds of the bout, proceeded to punch him in the head until he submitted.

If there was a glass jaw, then Kim's jaw would be made of fine china. Before his fight against Lesnar, he was best known for being put to sleep by well known fighters such as Bob Sapp, Ray Sefo, a seasoned Don Frye, and Mighty Mo Siliga.

Weaknesses aside, Kim is known for his heart in coming out to fight again even after a loss.
Dude did you see Kim Min Soo? He was just holding onto Brock Lesnar while getting punched in the head.
додав namnaes 24 Березень 2011

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