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2 definitions by porch punk

a term describing people or things that are old, whether in a chronological sense or in theory. The connotation can be cast either good or bad light... but it's mostly bad. It's usually used to describe grumpy old people but it can also describe some events and social climates.
I had breakfast at Bob Evans, the ratio of old balls to other people there is about 12:1.
додав porch punk 7 Червень 2011
A city in Northeast Ohio that used to be a haven for high school football, but now runs rampant with whiggers, and 80's football alumni who still wear their mid-drift mesh jerseys around town, still expecting preferrential treatment, particularly at cash advance businesses. The only cool people in the town are the really, really old people because they used to work, but now the town is filled with lazy welfare recipients so busy buying food at long john silvers that they can't possibly find time to work there.

When the Football team does well in the playoffs, it is usually because some player transferred from a surrounding school district and convinced at least three others to go along with him.
Phil: I went to work out at the Massillon Rec Center today.

Tom: Oh, yeah? How many whiggers were there?

Phil: hmmm. It was a slow day. Only like twenty.

Tom: how many of them tried to steal your iPhone?

Phil: six.
додав porch punk 7 Червень 2011