5 definitions by scarz

Rapper from Toledo, OH.
You hear that new Havana Cash?
Ya he's reppin' the 419 fo sho!
додав scarz 7 Квітень 2004
Short for hpnotiq liquor
I'm bought to hit up the hpno tonight.
додав scarz 7 Квітень 2004
A sun roof in a car.
Ya my new ride has it brains blown out.
додав scarz 7 Квітень 2004
Really great smelling/smoking weed.
I got some good fruit the other night.
додав Scarz 25 Березень 2003
Another term for Hpnotiq liqour.
I drank a whole bottle of that blue heaven last night.
додав scarz 7 Квітень 2004

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